We, who started Defend Kurdistan in the summer of 2016, are a group of youths.

During this time, we witnessed all the misery and war in the Middle East, especially in Kurdistan after ISIS advancing in the region.

Kurdistan has also been affected by war in all the four parts, by the opposition forces in the region. This has caused a lot of damage to the Kurdish people and especially the children. We had thoughts and ideas that we wanted to implement and in some way, contribute to the region, that is why we started the project Defend Kurdistan.

The purpose of the project “Defend Kurdistan” is to sell different products with the print “Defend Kurdistan” on t-shirts/sweaters/hoodies etc. The profits of these products will completely go to the most affected victims of the war, namely the children. We chose to help and support the children, because they are the future and it is an investment for everyone, to help create a better future.

Ever since this project started, we have worked effectively on short time, to help poor children through different projects. We will give an account of which projects we have been working on, since we started Defend Kurdistan.